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Flying Star Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui ?

Feng Shui is traditionally a Chinese science. The term ‘Feng’ translates to wind and ‘Shui’ translates to water. Feng Shui is the study of environmental influences on human fortune. It is the study of how to create a beautifully balanced environment. Feng Shui is the easiest way to enhance your luck.

There are many schools, types and levels of Feng Shui. At the most basic level, is symbolic Feng Shui which is the use of lucky symbols thereby, creating good vibrations in homes. Further, there is the Form School and the Compass School of Feng Shui. In the Compass School, lucky directions are worked out astrologically taking into account each person’s date of birth. Above all, is the Flying Star School of Feng Shui which is the most powerful school and was mastered by Feng Shui practitioner Dr. Nitin Parakh and Ms. Kanika Parakh.

Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui is the highest level of Feng Shui. Just like each person has their own horoscope based on when they are born, and where they are born. Every property also similarly has its own horoscope called the Flying Star chart, which is based on the year of completion / the first occupancy, as well as the exact direction it faces. With this data, a Flying Star chart is made and interpreted. From the interpretation of the Flying Star chart of a property, we analyse the grading of the overall luck potential for the property on all the three major fronts of life i.e. health, wealth and harmony. It is pertinent to note that a house can have different gradings on these major aspects of life. Many combinations could be possible. A house may have a good luck potential on all 3 fronts of life i.e. health, wealth and harmony; or there may be properties good for wealth but not for health and harmony. Then there are places that have a good luck potential for wealth and heath but are not good for harmony. In such places, there is wealth and good health in general but there may be frequent arguments and quarrels that occur. Further, there are places which are not good on all fronts of life due to which people suffer to a great extent.

Once the general grading of the luck potential of a property is assessed, with great precision, we determine the lucky and unlucky areas inside the property using the property’s Flying Star chart. Further, the exact sleeping positions for the members of the house are advised and accurately drawn on a scale plan. In this, the dates of birth of each person are also considered to assess the compatibility of the person to the location. The above mentioned process is undertaken in homes but the same process is also used at work places i.e. the exact cabin and final chair positions are planned in the lucky areas based on the Flying Star chart of the workplace. Here too, the dates of birth are also taken into account to assess the compatibility of the person to the lucky location to get the best possible luck from that property.

There is another very important aspect about the lucky water star that is enhanced by using powerful techniques in order to create massive opportunities and bring major financial gains to the occupants of a property.
Further, many other powerful techniques are used by Dr. Parakh and his qualified daughter Ms. Kanika Parakh, to enhance the luck for their clients and improve their lives.

It is very pertinent to say here that Flying Star Feng Shui is a very powerful but a very complex science that takes many long years of learning under an able Feng Shui master and that the correct interpretation of the Flying Star charts is a very difficult but a very important thing that comes with right knowledge and years of experience. It is not an exaggeration here to state that probably no one else in India and very few Feng Shui masters in the world possess the huge amount of experience that Dr. Parakh has. The extraordinary knowledge of Flying Star Feng Shui and tremendously large amount of experience that Dr. Parakh has, are the real reasons of the great success he has in enhancing luck for the clients that come to him with hope for improvement of their lives.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, water stars bring money and mountain stars bring health and harmony. In a city like Mumbai, which has the sea on 3 sides, the available water energy is very high and mountain energy is weak. This aspect of Feng Shui is the reason why it is a lot more easier for Dr. Parakh to enhance business and wealth luck for clients in Mumbai and much easier to enhance health luck for people in the mountains i.e. hill cities like Lonavala, where the mountain energy is a lot more powerful than in Mumbai.

Trilogy / Trinity of Luck

As per Chinese belief, and in our opinion too, there are three types of luck:

Heaven luck – Heaven luck or astrological luck is the luck you are born with, that is, the influence of stars and planets in your life based on the planetary positioning in your birth chart or horoscope. In our opinion, this constitutes about 40% of your total luck. This type of luck is very difficult to change in totality because God and nature do not give us the option to be born again with a better horoscope! Though this type of luck cannot be completely changed, it can always be enhanced by wearing the right gemstone. The process of finding the correct and most suitable gemstone can be greatly fine tuned using the energy scanner.


Mankind luck / Karma – Mankind Luck is the luck that you draw, by really working hard with devotion and dedication, that is – karma. In our opinion, mankind luck or karma has about 20% to 25% impact on the total luck of a person in the current lifetime. Of course, there are people who believe that karma has 100% effect on our lives! One may wonder what is correct? The answer in my opinion is that both are correct, meaning that karma or hard work and good deeds have only about 20% effect in this lifetime but karma has full 100% effect over multiple births!

Earth luck – Earth luck constitutes 35% to 40% in the trilogy of luck. Earth luck is the luck that you draw from the places you live and work from. This part of the trinity of luck is the easiest to correct and can be totally turned in your favour. This is where Feng Shui comes in.

How places affect people

Places where people live and work from have a huge significance on their luck and in our opinion about 40% of a person’s luck comprises of Earth luck. Feng Shui comes into play here. Your house and work place can be changed to other much more powerful ones in order to tremendously enhance your luck or your existing places can easily be altered and enhanced to get all the possible benefits in life.

A person’s health luck, career luck and harmony in the house are all determined by the way one is using their house, for example – the way they are sleeping, the placement of furniture etc. Even if a person is living or working in a rented place which is not in his name, that place still affects the person’s luck for good or for bad depending upon how good the Flying Star chart or the horoscope of the place is and how well it is used.

Time Taboos for renovation

Just as there are good and bad locations in the property depending on the direction or the facing of the property, similarly there are some specific locations that should not be disturbed by renovation or structural breaking. If you ever plan to renovate your property, you should strictly observe certain restrictions regarding the time and location of the repairs and renovations. These restrictions do not apply to full scale renovations of a property before moving in. These only apply to partial renovations of a property where people are already staying.

There are 15 day periods called as the low risk periods which come 6 times a year. These periods remain the same every year for a particular property. All renovation work must be completed from start to finish within these dates. If you do not observe these dates, you can face bad luck lasting up to a year and it could even be life threatening for some people! Hence, it is best to always time the renovations and repairs in every property within one of the low risk periods for that property to minimize this inherent risk of bad luck associated with renovations and repairs in places that one uses.