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Geopathic Stress

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress is a word that describes the harmful electromagnetic radiations from the Earth, which cause a lot of damage over the years. Geopathic Stress is a distorted or disrupted electromagnetic field of the Earth due to underground water streams, geological fault lines, man made structures like – railways, quarries, tunnels, mines, etc. The word “geo” means Earth and the word “pathic” indicates both a disease as well as a cure for disease. It is the study of Earth energies and their effect on human health.

Effects of Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress gradually breaks down and weakens our immune system resulting in minor to major health problems like migraines, allergies, sleep issues, diabetes, etc. and more predominantly, cancers. Geopathic Stress and other types of electromagnetic pollution results in not just physical illnesses but also mental illnesses such as depression, a feeling of stress, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Thus, it is important to rectify Geopathic Stress entirely from the places we live at and work from.

Geopathic Stress in relation to Cancers

It is our opinion and understanding that cancer is a disease mainly given by the house due to Geopathic Stress. Every human body produces cancer cells in the normal course of living due to toxicity in food because of pesticides that are used in growing food grains and vegetables, and pollution in the air. Normally the immune system fights and destroys these cancer cells as soon as they are produced. Geopathic Stress has a strong effect on the correct functioning of the lymphatic system. If the lymphatic system is not healthy, it is unable to destroy foreign cells thus enabling cancer cells to grow and multiply and that’s how cancer as a disease manifests. People sleeping on the Geopathic Stress nodal point (where two Geopathic Stress lines intersect) are at a much higher risk of severe diseases like cancers.

It is pertinent to understand that the energy scanner is the most scientific form of dowsing instrument used till date. We have used many instruments for dowsing including the German Lecher Antenna to trace Earth energies but the energy scanner used by us is the most scientific form of dowsing instruments that we have found till date to track and trace Earth energies, aura measurement etc in the last 23 years of practice.  It is important to understand that only experts trained professionally and with a huge amount of actual experience in tracing the Geo lines can actually trace them correctly as there is no fully scientific or digital instrument available to find these dangerously harmful Earth energies. The rectification of Geopathic Stress is done by the placement and fixing of special energy cures in the exact locations using the energy scanner.

Procedure of curing Geopathic Stress / Rectification

Geopathic Stress is present all over the planet and it is present in most of our houses, apartments, offices, factories etc and it needs to be rectified with Geopathic Stress rectification procedure using the energy scanner and installation of Geo rectification rods and energy cures.

Rectification of Geopathic Stress

With the skilled use of the energy scanner, we scan and locate the accurate positions of the Geopathic Stress lines in the property. This can be done for houses, offices, factories, etc. This is great for the long term health protection of the entire family. It has many other benefits as well, such as high enhancement of positivity and general energy levels in the property. Close proximity to these cures also shows an increase in the person’s aura (electromagnetic/energy field). Another benefit is that this increases the immunity level of the places against huge temporary bad luck caused due to untimely renovations in the property that can last upto a year. Please read about “Time Taboos for Renovation” under our section on Flying Star Feng Shui. It is important to note here that Geopathic Stress rectification of the house and office of the client, is a very important prerequisite that must be done, before their aura scanning can be done, to find out the most suitable lucky gemstone for that person.