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History of Dr. Nitin Parakh

History of Dr. Nitin Parakh

It is a well known fact that some people do not believe in luck and only believe in their own hard work ie. karma. In the beginning, I too was a complete non-believer in astrology, etc. The reality was that I was born very lucky. I was born with a high IQ and I was a topper right from my school days – every unit test, every exam, and almost every subject I was always a topper! On my academic brilliance, my friends would tell me “you are very lucky that you are born so intelligent”. I would feel annoyed and tell them it’s not about luck and that there is nothing like luck! I actually study very hard, and that is why I excel in exams. In the 12th grade, I used to study for 15 hours a day. I used to tell them that I study and work very hard that is why I would top. The reality is that whenever one has great success, one does not want anything else to take the credit away. One does not want even luck to take away the credit. One wants to say and feel that one has worked very hard and the success is all because of that. I studied Civil Engineering and during my B.E. Civil days, in the final year of college, I was nearly on death bed. We had changed our house sometime back and in the new house, things weren’t going right. I fell critically ill – no doctor could diagnose why I had such a high fever. Finally, one doctor was able to diagnose from a urine culture what the problem was – it was a rare type of urine infection. Somehow, I survived. I missed about a month and a half of college, could not top but I passed my B.E. Civil degree with honors. Even after that, things did not move properly on my career front.

For many years, in spite of my brilliant academic record, there was not much success, it was barely average. One day I introspected and analysed that I am the same person who had great academic success, but after that in my career, things weren’t going right. So what was wrong? That’s when I started believing in luck! I realized that when one has great success, one doesn’t want anything else to take the credit away. One wants to say that I worked very hard and that’s why I am successful. The I, Me, Myself is very important. Ego prevents us from sharing credit for our success with anything else except our own effort. When success is not there, then you start wondering despite all the hard work, success isn’t there. What is wrong? Then you know what luck is! The reality is that lack of luck is what can make an intelligent man look like a fool and great good luck is what can make even an uneducated person look very intelligent because of the success that he may have.

During those years of career stagnation, my horoscope was shown to a leading astrologer who was the astrologer to the Prime Minister of the time. He happened to be my maternal grandfather’s friend. He saw my horoscope and said that I will study abroad, I will have great success on the career front, my name will feature in lots of newspapers many times, etc. But nothing of the sort happened during those difficult years. After my graduation, I kept studying here in India, but did not go abroad to study at all. That’s when I started feeling that even astrology is not very useful and then it so happened at the time, my uncle Mr. Hansraj Surana, the doyen of the printing machines industry in India, who stayed in Mumbai in an apartment building in Sion, told me that houses have a very strong effect on luck and that, whoever came to live in the same building, became very powerful in their careers – at very prominent positions in their respective industries. Mr. N.K. Firodia founder of Bajaj Tempo Ltd was also from the same building. So when he said houses have a very strong impact on your luck, that’s when I heard about Vaastu and felt that maybe that is something that will be good to enhance my own luck!

My uncle, the late Mr. Hansraj Surana’s legacy of high ethics and great standards in business is now being carried forward by his able and illustrious son Mr. Vimal Surana, a leading name in the business of new and pre-owned imported printing machines in the country. Of course Mr. Vimal Surana follows my advice on Feng Shui, for his properties since the past 2 decades and benefits from it greatly.

At the behest of my uncle, I started learning Vaastu from Vedic literature, etc and then I started applying that knowledge in my own house. I made changes at my house and office and then suddenly, I found reasonably good improvement in my career. That established the fact that places genuinely have an effect on one’s luck. So, I started using this knowledge for some of my clients. I then happened to travel to the orient in those years and that’s where I heard about Feng Shui and my tryst with Feng Shui began.

I analysed that small island countries like Singapore and Hong Kong which are Chinese, follow Feng Shui even for government buildings, offices etc. and these small countries have been extremely successful. These small islands have become very powerful economic and financial trading centers of the world. I concluded that there must be something very powerful in this knowledge of Feng Shui which has helped these small island countries grow so much in wealth. I started learning Feng Shui from the great Chinese Masters of the time. I learnt Feng Shui from the top Feng Shui Masters of the world like Lillian Too, Master Joseph Yu, and many others. The astrological predictions about me also finally came true because I did go abroad many times to learn Feng Shui.
I progressed to the highest levels of Feng Shui and thereafter I corrected my own office with the knowledge of Flying Star Feng Shui, and soon found tremendous improvement in my career!

My first newspaper interviews were published, and from then on, there was no looking back. That’s when I understood that Flying Star Feng Shui is an extremely powerful science. I reflected back and saw that when things were corrected as per Vaastu in my own house, by coincidence, it matched the Flying Star Feng Shui chart of the place reasonably well and I got results, though my house is an apartment in a multi storied building and not a bungalow! At my office, I had a good arrangement coincidentally as per Flying Star Feng Shui, but when I changed it to the best one as per Flying Star Feng Shui instead of just good, I found magical and profound improvement. That’s when my faith in Feng Shui became extremely strong and I started using Flying Star Feng Shui at all my clients’ places as well.

Today I can say that in my opinion, with more than 23 years of experience, Vaastu is very useful for ground floor structures with a light weight roof, wherever we find those conditions because it is an ancient science which is thousands of years old and from an era where there was predominance of only ground floor structures, and not multi storied towers or RCC structures that we have today. Flying Star Feng Shui is also an ancient science more adapted to multi-storied structures. Today, my clear opinion is that Vaastu is useful for ground floor structures with light weight roofing and Flying Star Feng Shui is the most powerful science for multi storied structures i.e. houses and offices, flats and apartments in multi storied buildings! Of course, others can have different opinions, but my opinion is based upon my own experience of thousands of professionally handled cases with over 23 years of experience of practicing both the sciences of Vaastu and Flying Star Feng Shui.