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Health Retreat

Health Retreat

Lonavala Health Retreat

In Feng Shui, water stars bring wealth luck and mountain stars govern health and harmony. Water stars get energized and activated by the presence of real water and mountain stars get energized by the presence of real mountains in our surroundings. In a city like Mumbai, we have a huge amount of real water of the massive Indian ocean on three sides of the city namely west, east and south, so we have highly potent water energy around us, making this city a great place to make money and for great opportunities in business. Of course, only the lucky lot of people, who are living in or working from lucky spaces as per Flying Star Feng Shui, are the ones who can take great advantage of this potent and powerful water energy and do very well in their career. A lot of people unknowingly also, i.e. without consulting a Feng Shui Master, have very lucky places and consequently are very successful.

Unfortunately, in the city of Mumbai, we do not have huge mountains, hence, the health energy governed by mountains is weak in this city. This is the prime reason why we see that people with great wealth and big businesses and very successful professions, have a lot of money, but are generally very stressed and suffer from disharmony and mental illnesses like anxiety, stress, tension and depression. Many suffer from physical ill health and psychosomatic disorders. Another major reason for a huge increase in serious health ailments like cancers, asthmas, migraines, high blood pressure, etc. is Geopathic Stress.

We can clearly observe that in major water energy dominated cities like Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. there is a huge amount of business success. Money making is easy here for people with good luck and similarly, in hill stations, we can see that people are generally very healthy and very harmonious and happy, but money making is not so easy there. These hill stations are in the mountains where mountain stars get strongly energized, making them potent for great health.

We have pioneered and created a unique, very lucky and powerful health retreat in the hill station of Lonavala, extremely close to Mumbai. This place has a powerful Feng Shui chart which is well supported and energized with the mountains in the right position for such a property to be highly potent for health luck enhancement for anyone residing here. We have also rectified Geopathic Stress completely in this property and have created a peaceful and positive environment for the betterment of your physical and mental health. 

The health condition of any person suffering from cancers or any other serious ailments like heart problems or chronic ailments like asthma, migraines,  high blood pressure or diabetes can be hugely improved, if the patient stays in our powerful health retreat property for at least one month and here we also put the patient on a very healthy raw vegan natural diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, salads, sprouts, nuts, seeds, etc. which the patient must follow properly. At this health retreat we also help the patient with and also encourage them to take sun baths, do yoga, pranayama, etc. which act as catalysts in their healing process. 

We do not prescribe any allopathic medicines at the health retreat. We only give a healthy and totally natural diet. When it comes to ailments such as diabetes which is also known as the “silent killer”, we allow the patients to continue with their allopathic medicines during the first few days of their stay. We monitor the blood sugar levels of the patients daily with their own home test kits and have noticed that slowly their body’s need for medication reduces as the body heals and this is something the patients would be able to witness themselves through their daily blood sugar level tests. These tests would show the daily improvement and healing of the body to an extent wherein this “silent killer” diabetes is completely cured and the need for medications to control blood sugar levels is extinguished.

We have a couple of packages for such cases:
1) A normal package with a fixed fee.
2) A money back guarantee package mainly for diabetes. The fee is much higher in this case but we give a money back guarantee to the patient, if the patient is not cured of diabetes. This also means that the patient has reached a level wherein he/she does not need to take any more allopathic medication to control blood sugar levels. The approximate duration of the stay at the health retreat for healing diabetes is 1 month only. The duration may be increased to 2 months only in extremely severe cases of diabetes.
The patient or their family member can speak to Dr. Nitin Parakh or Ms. Kanika Parakh directly for this purpose.