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Gemstone Scanning

Gemstone Scanning

Gemstones are very powerful enhancers of an individual’s astrological luck; which, in our opinion, constitutes up to 40% of his total luck. We use an energy scanner which even though typically is a dowsing instrument, it still is the most scientific instrument of dowsing. We insert different energy samples in this scanning instrument to test different things. For example, in case of aura scanning, we use the person’s DNA (the saliva sample) to measure his aura.

With the energy scanner, we can precisely find out which gemstone is best suitable for an individual. This is a 4 stage scanning process where we check the following: firstly, the person’s body requirement for a particular gem, then the positive energy level of the required gemstones and the person’s compatibility with each gem and lastly, the gemstone that enhances the person’s aura to the maximum is finally chosen for that person. This enhances the person’s heaven / astrological luck.